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Our new brochure is out

You can become a friend and donate now without getting involved in the organization if your time does not allow you to participate- don’t feel guilty. In our new brochure, we explain that a yearly donation of $25.00 , which is tax deductible can be made easily without the pressure of getting asked to contribute your time.IMG_8193IMG_8191IMG_8192

New sweaters made by the Needlework Committee

IMG_7953IMG_7954    Valerie Peterson, member of the Needlework Comm. has just finished these sweaters for the Woman’s Friend Society to donate to Salem Hospital. Copies of the sweater pattern are available to everyone and can be picked up at the Emmerton House. If you are interested in learning how to knit, please contact Caroline Ouellette- our Needlework Chair person. With enough interest we can offer a class in the evening.

Help the Woman’s Friend Society win $1000.00

Did you know each month Cranney Home Services randomly selects a Non-Profit Organization and donates $1000.00 to them?

Help the Woman’s Friend Society continue to upgrade The Emmerton House with incoming donations.


Type in your browser:

Click on: “Cranney Cares”

Click on: “Nominate your Favorite Local Community Non-Profit”

Fill in the info sheet:

Non-Profit Name: Woman’s Friend Society

Non-Profit Website:

How did you hear? Karen Lamarine- our Directorimage2

Click on: “submit entry”