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The Woman’s Friend Society welcomes your participation and support.

Become a member!
Any woman can become a member of the Woman’s Friend Society.  Dues are just $25 a year and serving on a committee is a great way to meet other women while supporting a worthwhile cause.

Send an email to with your home address and a membership form will be mailed to you

We welcome volunteers!  Men as well as women help with the maintenance of Emmerton House and its gardens as well as participate in our annual events and in other events, such as Christmas in Salem.

Your financial support is truly welcome.  The Woman’s Friend Society accepts PayPal and all major credit cards as well as checks made payable to:
Woman’s Friend Society
12 Hawthorne Blvd.
Salem, MA 01970

Nominate the Woman’s Friend Society as your favorite Non-Profit!

Did you know that at the end of each month, Cranney Home Services randomly selects one such online entry and donates $1,000 to them!


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Click on: “Cranney Cares”

click on “Nominate your favorite local community Non-Profit”

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Non-Profit Name: Woman’s Friend Society

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