The Woman’s Friend Society is organized into six active volunteer committees, which work to run the organization and to engage and support the local community. Members of the Woman’s Friend Society are eligible to join any of these committees.

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Our Finance Committee provides planning, oversight and guidance to other committees and the Board of Directors on the finances of the organization.  This includes planning our 5 year Capital Project Portfolio, creating our Annual Budget each year and reviewing expenditures on a regular basis.

For more information or to join the Finance Committee, please contact Susan Goniprow,


Our Garden Committee are the curators of our beautiful grounds and gardens.  You don’t have to have a green thumb to volunteer for this committee.  Volunteers learn about the plantings in our garden, how to care for areas of the grounds and also get to plan fun events in the garden, fundraise to improve the gardens and enjoy meeting others that share their love for the outdoors.

For more information or to join the Garden Committee, please contact Mary Ellen Halliwell,


The Hospitality Committee supports all our meetings and events by planning refreshments and other event planning needs.  This committee helps plan decorations, works with vendors to develop menus, helps setup for meetings, fundraisers and other great events.  If you love to plan a party you might love volunteering on this committee.

For more information or to join the Hospitality Committee, please contact Dana Beauvais,


Our members are at the core of our volunteer work.  Naturally, helping grow our membership, connecting with our members on a regular basis and maintaining an accurate listing of our members.  If you like meeting new people and want to help grow WFS membership this might be the committee for you.

For more information or to join the Membership Committee, please contact


The Outreach Committee supports our community by engaging with other nonprofits and city programs in fun ways like craft projects for Brookhouse, volunteering at Salem Food Pantry, knitting for newborns, collecting donations for the Salem Schools Backpack program.  WFS wants to do more and we help make that a reality with our Outreach Committee.

For more information or to join the Outreach Committee, please contact Susan Moloney,


Residence Committee members help guide the management and maintenance of the Emmerton House along with handling resident concerns and supporting our Residence Manager.  They are at the heart of our primary mission, empowering women so that they can be successful in their career and their education.

For more information or to join the Residence Committee, please contact Alice Merkl,